RVA, who since 1972 has been manufacturing leveling systems for motor homes, offer a full line of push-button leveling systems for your class "A" motor home.
Adjustable Lighted Level

Lighted Level
JII Control Panel

RVA JACKS feature a three point system leveling system, remote-controlled from the driver's seat.

RVA Jacks feature a multiple warning system with a flashing red light and bong alarm to alert the user of the jack position. There are five models available to fit all Class "A" chassis motor homes.

RVA Jacks can be obtained in kit form as an accessory or as standard equipment in many of the highest quality motor homes.

Important Features
  1. Five models - "16A" JII (16,000 GVW), "22.5"" JII (22,500 GVW), "32" JII (32,000 GVW), "35" JII (35,000 GVW),and "45" (45,000 GVW).
  2. All push-button control (the most desired feature requested by our customers).
  3. All-directional swivel foot pad.
  4. Two additional springs per jack for positive retraction ("22.5A","32","35", and "45")
  5. Large foot pad area- 8 diameter (50 sq. in) for the "16A","22.5A",and "32"; 10" diameter (75 sq. in ) for the "35" and "45".
  6. . Longest stroke among the major competitors provides greatest range of lift, as much as 19" of jack stroke with the "22.5A" front jack!
  7. Flow control valves area incorporated into the head of each jack, (safety feature) so that in the event of a pressure line failure, the retraction of the jacks will be at a slow, controlled rate.
  8. The pressure line port on the rear jacks can be attached on the top (standard) or at the rear (optional) of the jack.
  9. The new motor pump/valve manifold assembly is very compact for easy mounting.
  10. The control system incorporated an automatic "ALL- Jacks- RETRACT" feature, activated by pressing one button.
  11. Smooth operational features built into the controller to prevent jerking of the coach during leveling.
  12. Adjustable dash-mounted lighted bubble level included as a standard feature.
  13. Distinctive bong alarm sound, coupled with a flashing red LED, provides "jacks down" warning.
  14. Remote control panels and fully automatic system available as an option.