Frequently Asked Questions

After leveling my coach, a jack slowly retracts and allows the coach to no longer be level. There is no red fluid on the ram or on the pad. Do I have an internal leak in a jack(s)?
No, you do not have an internal leak in the jack(s). RVA jacks are single acting, only using pressure to extend. With no fluid leaking from the jack, and no other obvious leaks, the most probable cause is a "Retract Valve" that is not holding pressure. Consequently, the coach can settle over a period of time, or in some cases, very quickly.
The ram on my jack looks very scratched. It was never bright or polished. It must be getting ready to leak?
The dull finish and scratches have no effect on the sealing capability of the jack. The ram that extends out of the jack is 1/4 inch smaller in diameter than the sealing area in the jack, and the seal is only on the top section of the ram. The ram is cadmium plated to better resist corrosion, however it can become scratched but it will not affect operation.
Sometimes when I am driving the bong/warning alarm system will begin giving a jack down warning. Normally this will happen on a rough road or during turns. Why does this happen?
The warning system in the RVA JII System senses the fluid level in the reservoir, and when the fluid level reaches a certain point the alarm begins signaling. If the fluid level is low, but not low enough to turn on the alarm, rough roads or turns will allow the fluid to shift within the reservoir and allow the alarm to operate. Our web site and operating instructions provide fluid level servicing procedures.
When I removed the breather cap from the reservoir to check the fluid level I noticed the dipstick was broken. Can I buy a new breather cap and dipstick from RVA?
You can buy a new breather cap but we remove the dipstick from the breather cap in the production process. The most accurate method for determining proper fluid level is outlined in your operating instructions and on our web site (www.rvajacks.com).
Can I upgrade my manual JII leveling system to "Automatic"?
Yes. An upgrade is available and instructions are on our web site. The controller, remote panel, and wiring harness must be replaced. Additionally, a level sensor and pressure switch will also be added to your system. The most difficult task many times is the replacement of the wiring harness. Difficulty varies depending on the coach.
When I lower my jacks I sometimes see an oily residue on the ram. Is my seal leaking or getting ready to fail?
No, the oil residue you see is from assembly at the factory. Two types of lubricant are used, clear hydraulic oil and blue grease. Depending upon circumstances, this residue can be visible for a year or two after assembly. If the jack has a bad seal or is leaking you will see the red Dexron III fluid coming down the ram or setting in the pad.
Can I purchase parts and get help from RVA or do I have to contact Monaco or go to a Monaco dealer?
You can call RVA and purchase parts directly from us or get technical support online at www.rvajacks.com or call us (760) 746-5732. Our staff is willing to help.
I have a bent Jack! is it covered under warranty?