Operating Instructions
RVA Jacks Manual-Level JII

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9. For normal operations to retract all jacks, turn on the ignition key, press “RETRACT-ALL” switch. This rocker switch is the bottom section of the ON switch. The amber light will start to flash and all the jacks will start to retract. This switch is electronically timed and will remain on for approximately four minutes. If the retract operation needs to be stopped, position the "on-off / retract-all" switch to the off position. The green light will remain on until the power switch is turned off.

10. Before moving the coach, wait until all jacks are fully retracted. The flashing red light and the bong alarm will turn off when all the jacks are up within 6" of full retraction (if the fluid level is properly set). BEFORE DRIVING OR MOVING THE VEHICLE, ALL LIGHTS ON THE CONTROL MUST BE OFF, and the retract position of the jack should be verified visually

11. The EXTEND and RETRACT rocker switches will operate at a minimum of 8 volts. The RETRACT-ALL rocker switch will operate best above 10 volts. If the motor home battery is low and below 9 volts, you may retract the jacks by individually using the three RETRACT rocker switches. In the event that all power is disabled or otherwise not available, or the control console is not powered, the extended jacks can still be retracted with the manual retract T-valves on the valve complex. The valve complex/pump assembly is normally located somewhere outside your motor home. Contact your dealer, installer, or manufacturer for location of the pump assembly. As you face the valve complex you will see three T-valve handles. The valve located furthest from the reservoir is for the left rear jack, the valve in the center corresponds to the front jack and the valve nearest the reservoir corresponds to the right rear jack. When the T-valves are opened (turned counterclockwise) the fluid flows back to the motor pump reservoir and the appropriate jack will retract. If the manual T-handle valves are used, remember to close the valves after use, otherwise the leveling system will operate properly.


1. The leveling system is equipped with a warning device to indicate the position of your jacks. The pulsating red light and bong alarm will come on when any jack is extended to more than 5" to 6" from fully retracted position. This device will also indicate low fluid level. SEE Note #3 below for filling instructions.

2. . Learn the sounds of a normal pump as jacks extend, the relief valve as jacks extend fully, and the gurgling sound of the pump when the unit is low on fluid. If necessary to add fluid, use regular Automatic Transmission Fluid (Dexron III).

3. If it is necessary to fill with additional fluid, start by extending any jack 6" from fully retracted position (other jacks should be fully retracted). Unscrew reservoir cap from the top of the pump, fill with fluid until red light and bong turn off, then stop adding fluid and replace the cap.

4. Do not attempt to level on an extremely un-leveled surface. This can cause damage to jacks.

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