Operating Instructions
RVA Jacks Manual-Level JII

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5. When jacks are fully extended, occasionally wipe dirt from the jack ram/rod. This will help lengthen life of jack. WD-40 will serve as a solvent as well as a lubricant.

6. Some assembly lubrication, both oil and grease on the extended jack ram is normal, and aids in lubrication of the ram. The presence of assembly lube on the extended jack ram does not indicate a leak.

7. If a component of the hydraulic system has been removed and replaced (such as a jack, pump, valve assembly, etc.) air will probably have been introduced into the system. In order for the system to work properly, each jack must be fully extended and retracted at least twice to remove all air (self-bleeding operation). Additional air can also be trapped in the manual emergency release T-valves located on the valve manifold. With the jacks fully extended, open the manual emergency release valves to bleed out the trapped air. This will retract the jacks at the same time; close the handles. After the bleeding operation, the liquid level might need to be reset. See note #3

8. A majority of the fittings in the hydraulic system are pipe threads. At the factory all male pipe threads are wrapped with at least three turns of teflon tape, except for the first thread at the tip of the fitting. A small amount of grease is applied to the untefloned tip of the fitting and to the mating female thread. The above procedure insures proper sealing and prevention of Teflon tape entering into the hydraulic system. If a fitting is removed, residual Teflon tape must be removed from both the male and mating female threads, if they are to be reassembled. A maximum practical amount of filtration has been incorporated into the system to prevent dirt from contaminating the operation and sealing of the valves. When assembling components, special attention is required to maintain cleanliness.

9. If a block is placed under a jack, only one jack should be blocked at any one time. Do not block more than one jack at a time. If additional lift is needed a 2 x 12 x 12 laminated plywood block can be placed under the jack pad. If blocking the jack pad of one of the rear jacks is necessary and the coach is on a slope, the opposite set of rear tires must be first blocked to prevent rolling. If anyone is going to change a tire or go under the motor home, the chassis frame must first be supported with appropriately rated jack stands.

10. If the control console (computer) is to be removed or replaced, all 12V power to disconnecting the electrical connectors. The console power switch also should be in the "OFF" position. Connecting and disconnecting the console while the 12V power source is connected ("hot plugging/socketing") will most likely cause damage to the microprocessor and other sensitive electrical components in the control box .

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