Operating Instructions

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3. Press rocker switch labeled “AUTOMATIC LEVELING” and release. The top green light will start blinking and after a ½ second delay the motor pump will come on and all the jacks will start extending downward. The system will attempt to do a complete level in one operation. The coach is level when all yellow lights go out and the top green light stops blinking and goes out. If leveling is not accomplished on the first all jacks plant down phase, the system will attempt to level four more times at seven second intervals.

Note: If the battery is weak and is wired to power both the automatic leveling system motor pump and the control console, during the automatic leveling phase either green light may stay on and the system will become inoperative. If this occurs, cycle the main "POWER" switch off and on and attempt "AUTOMATIC LEVELING" again. If the above re-occurs, check the battery voltage. It should not drop below 9 volts during automatic operation. If the battery is good and the system continues to be inoperative, one of the following things can be done:

a) Install Larger Capacity battery
b) Install heavier gauge battery wire to the motor pump
c) Power the control console from a separate battery from the one used for the notor pump.Motor pumps can operate down to 6 volts. The control console is designed become inoperative at avout approximately 8 volts.

4.As the jacks extend downward the "WARNING JACKS DOWN" red light and the other dash mounted red light will start blinking and a bong alarm will begin sounding. This alarm will also come on if the control console is off but the jacks are down when the ignition key is turned on.

5. During automatic leveling phase, if both green lights start flashing alternately, , this is an indication that you have either reached maximum physical extension on one or more of the jacks or have reached maximum pressure for automatic operation. After the automatic leveling phase has ceased, if one or more of the yellow lights are on, press the manual extend switch for the appropriate jack. This action by-passes the automatic pressure switch limit and allows an increased pressure to be applied to the jack. If the yellow light is still on, a block could be placed under one of the jack pads to get additional height or find another place to attempt leveling. If a block is placed under a jack, only one jack should be blocked at any time. If blocking the jack pad of one of he rear jacks is necessary and the coach is on a slope, the opposite set of rear wheels must first be blocked to prevent rolling. If anyone is going to change a tire or go under the motor home, the chassis frame must first be supported with appropriately rated jack stands.

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